We Need People More Than We Think: Car Conversations w/Tiffany Episode 3

April 15, 2022

First off, I’m not actually in the car. I’m taking a self care walk, so please excuse the background noise. In this episode I am discussing the importance of recognizing how much you really need people in your life.

I feel like so many people are going to be left in a world that’s full of people completely alone if they keep buying into and believing some of these sayings that are trending on social media with no context or facts to support them. 

Y’all we can’t live without people. We were created for connection and community. It’s God’s desire for us.

I get it, not everyone will understand you, and that’s fine, because the only one who needs to understand you is you. That doesn’t mean that you should cut off each person who doesn’t understand you.

We have to learn how to start having healthy conversations with people to help them better understand us. We can sometimes be so blinded by our own pursuits that we miss the people who genuinely want to help us.


Let’s chat below. What are your thoughts about this?

Also, let me know if you all want to continue this discussion in the next episode. If you are struggling with finding ways to show up for yourself and others, or would like some tips on how to have hard conversations, I will be more than happy to do that.

Love, light, and peace

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