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February 2013

    The Perfect Relationship

    February 26, 2013

        Dear Nobody, I’m done with you…you can’t have my thoughts, my mind, or my body. I don’t belong to you anymore. I refuse to be entertained by you. The moment I let you go I knew it was final. I’m tired of being disappointed by you. When you told me you loved me it really didn’t mean a thing. Every since I left you my life hasn’t been the same. I’ve found a new lover that loves me…

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      I’m doing things that I’ve always wanted to do because I’ve finally learned to push past my fears and trust God with the unknown. I consult Him first and He directs me the…

    February 25, 2013
  • Be Who You Are Destined To Be:

      I refuse to buy things just to make me feel better. I refuse to paint my face each day to portray a fake picture on the outside when I know that God wants…

    February 25, 2013